Alpenföhn 84000000181 Kjølesystem for datamaskin Prosessor Alt-i-ett væskekjøler

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Produktkode: 84000000181

Alpenföhn 84000000181 Kjølesystem for datamaskin Prosessor Alt-i-ett væskekjøler

  • Quiet and powerful pump with 3 phase motor
  • Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut Thermal Compound
  • Pre-filled and completely maintenance-free
  • Wing Boost 3 ARGB Premium fan
  • Interchangeable logo plates
  • Safe mounting system

The diamond ground Copper base plate of the pump unit possesses large area micro-channels to dissipate the waste heat of the CPU into the cooling circuit quickly and efficiently. Pump speeds between 1200 U/min and 2600U/min offer an extremely balanced performance spectrum for every aspect of your requirements. Decide yourself whether overclocking or virtual silence is on your mind. An intelligent cooling routing in a two-chamber design within the pump housing offers noise reduction whilst increasing performance and longevity in comparison to conventional designs. The finish of the injection moulded pump housing and cover is enriched by piano lacquer.

Gletscherwasser contains an Aluminium high performance radiator. For enhanced safety within your system, the radiator uses a “leak-free” design. In the very unlikely case of a leak within the cooling system, the pressure inside the system is regulated to avoid any loss of coolant. Therefore your hardware is always SAFE.

Heat Transfer Compound
The included Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut paste with its excellent thermal conductivity can be used for normal as well as overclocking applications. It was developed specifically for large area applications as for example found in water cooling systems. Main advantages: No dry-out, silicone free and electrically insulating.

Wing Boost 3 ARGB
With its 16,8 million colours the Wing Boost 3 ARGB offers numerous possibilities to put your case into the right light. The addressable RGB LED lights are integrated into the fan housing and vaguely show the impeller as well as shine stylishly to the outside.

Air flow optimized fan blades
By means of a new blade angle the rotor has been optimized to lower speed in order to achieve in comparison with other fans a significantly higher volume flow, total pressure and exit speed at the same speed. Thanks to the Wing Boost 3 technology, air turbulence at the impeller is greatly reduced to ensure even quieter operation at full fan speed.

IC motor control
High-quality IC motor control minimizes electrical noise, especially in the low speed range, to a minimum.

Fluid Dynamic Bearing
By using the Fluid Dynamic bearing, we can realize a low-vibration and whisper-quiet operation of the fan.

PWM speed control
The new Wing Boost 3 supports speed control using the motherboard's PWM signal.

De-vibration Pads
The de-vibration rubbers reduce the often annoying noises, which are transmitted by the vibrations of the fan to the case, by their excellent anti-vibration characteristics to a minimum.

Extensive accessories
The included remote control allows the use of Gletscherwasser even in systems, which do not have connectors for addressable RGB components. The numerous effects, as well as speed and brightness of the Gletscherwasser and Wing Boost 3 ARGB can be controlled synchronously via remote control and receiver. All required cables as well as ARGB-splitter and PWM-splitter are included in the set.

All assembly material is of black colour, and the included parts offer stable mounting on the following sockets:
Intel® LGA: 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2066, 2011-v3, 2011
AMD: TR4, sTRX4, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM1

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Alpenföhn 84000000181 Kjølesystem for datamaskin Prosessor Alt-i-ett væskekjøler

  • 1 709,–

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