Alpenföhn Dolomit Prosessor Kjøler 9,2 cm Sort 1 stykker

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Produktkode: 84000000185

Alpenföhn Dolomit Prosessor Kjøler 9,2 cm Sort 1 stykker

  • Tower cooler with 4x 6mm heatpipes and 160W TDP
  • Airflow-optimized blades
  • Asymmetrical design of the heat sink for almost 100% RAM compatibility
  • Solid top cover made of powder-coated aluminum
  • 4 high-performance heat pipes made of copper
  • Nickel-plated full copper base plate
  • New 92 mm Wing Boost 3 fan
  • RockMount3 mounting system
  • German engineering and quality standards
  • High performance thermal grease

High performance Single Tower with 160W TDP
German engineering, an all-black heatsink combined with the new 92mm Wing Boost 3 fan: The Dolomit offers enough spare performance to efficiently cool the most demanding systems.

High-end heat pipes & copper base plate
4 high-end heat pipes with a large contact area on the nickel-plated Copper base plate ensure good heat pick-up at the CPU. Therefore the heat can be conducted to the large area fin stack quickly and efficiently.

All-black design
The heat sink is completely black and the stylish top fin rounds the design off. Further are all mounting parts kept black too.

Asymmetrical heat sink
The asymmetrical design of the Dolomit heat sinks allows maximum freedom when choosing RAM modules. No matter how high the heat spreader of the module is, it will fit without any problems. 100% RAM compatibility on the sockets 1200, 115X und AM4.

Wing Boost 3
Uncompromising performance and quiet operation at the same time. The 92 mm Wing Boost 3 expands the multi award-winning Wing Boost 3 premium fan family. It delivers an extremely high static pressure.

Upgradable fan configuration
If even more performance is required, the kit contains four fan clips. This allows the mounting of an additional 92mm fan on the back of the heat sink, increasing the cooling performance even further.

Thermal grease
The thermal grease has excellent thermal conductivity. Advantages: No hardening, silicone free and not electrically conductive.

German Engineering
A perfect balancing act between performance and compatibility was achieved through intelligent material selection and a new Rock Mount 3 mounting system.

The enclosed mounting material allows secure installation on the following sockets:
- Intel® LGA: 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 2066, 2011-v3, 2011
- AMD: AM4

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Alpenföhn Dolomit Prosessor Kjøler 9,2 cm Sort 1 stykker

  • 501,–

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